Transform Your Life in 6 Weeks!

Our 6 Week Online Course gives you the education, structure, confidence and community you need to start a healthy, active & financially independent life for yourself hiking & training dogs for a living! 

The My Dog Camp 6 Week Online Course

The My Dog Camp 6-Week Online Course is a comprehensive online guide that teaches you how to start your own Dog Camp business! My Dog Camp is for dog lovers who want to build a successful career hiking and training dogs. Whether you are a recent college graduate, dog enthusiast, an aspiring entrepreneur, newly retired or a dog professional in 6 weeks we can help you create or grow your business.

Regardless of experience with dogs, we teach you proven, effective and responsible methods to growing and operating a Dog Camp business. We cover a whole range of topics from how to build your dog packs from scratch, how to evaluate dogs, how to train your packs, troubleshooting common issues, effective marketing strategies, starting & building your business, finding private land to walk on and much more.

Professional Dog Trainer, Rhonda Bilodeau of Vermont Dog Pack has operated her Dog Camp & private dog training business for over 12 years. Rhonda and her partner, Matt have designed the My Dog Camp 6 Week Online Course to give you the confidence you need to start working with dogs, shave years off your learning curve and give you a major jumpstart to living a rewarding and meaningful life with dogs.

My Dog Camp
My Dog Camp
My Dog Camp
My Dog Camp
My Dog Camp


My Dog Camp“I was working in the advertising industry and feeling super unhappy with my career. Every day was a struggle and I would carry that unhappy feeling home with me at the end of each work day. My dog was joining Rhonda at her Dog Camp and I noticed how happy I was when I would meet up with her and the pack. All of the walks we took where I picked her brain, and all of the questions I would randomly ask her along my journey are wrapped up into her My Dog Camp Course. Today I am the happiest I have ever been in my career. GMCC has flourished into a bustling small business where I’m making $1400 a week! I get to spend every day with my best fur friend and a pack of other amazing dogs. I would never have taken the leap into starting my own dog camp if it weren’t for Rhonda, and I am forever grateful for her knowledge and support!”
– Sara of Green Mountain Canine Camp

Sara works roughly 24 hours/week M-Th & makes $1,400/week!
Now THAT is life changing!

Dog Camp“I am a very passionate person. I just wasn’t passionate about any of the jobs I was in. But I knew I was passionate about dogs and traveling. Not only has My Dog Camp given me the ability to make an impact in my client’s and their dogs lives but I’m able to still travel all over the world. My Dog Camp has given me financial stability and flexibility to take off as many days as I want. Each year I take a month off plus a few 2 week vacations a year. I don’t have any other friends with that type of flexibility in their schedule. My Dog Camp was a true blessing for this adventure seeking dog lover! It’s been such a blessing that my husband has joined me this year and we’re now running our dog camp together!”
– Rachel of Tranquil Dog Camp & Care

Rachel works 30 hours a week and makes $1,600/week!!
Now that’s what we are talking about!

“I have always loved being with dogs and I was at a point in my life where I wanted to transition out of my 9 to 5 shirt and tie job but I needed a way to make enough money to support my family. I had heard about taking groups of dogs for off-leash walks and thought this would be something dog owners would need while they were at work. I had no idea how to manage multiple dogs walking loose at once. When I saw an ad for My Dog Camp, I checked it out and I almost didn’t take it because of the cost. Then I figured out how long it would take for me to make back the cost and what a steady income stream would mean for me and my family. I decided to make the leap.

My Dog Camp course turned out to be a great decision. Not only did I learn how to manage multiple dogs, I also learned how to choose dogs that would be a good fit for the pack walk. The course also taught me how to start my business, what insurance I needed, how to market my new business, how to find customers, how to find property to hike on, and more.

I took the course nearly two years ago and have been working with dogs full-time ever since. 2 years into it and I’m working 25 hours a week and making $1750 a week . I hike dog packs 5 days per week. My clients love getting pictures of their happy dogs outside and having fun with all their buddies. Without My Dog Camp, this would not have been possible. Rhonda’s knowledge and her support have been invaluable.

If you are thinking about a new career working with dogs, sign up for this program. At the end, you will gain the knowledge and confidence needed to lead your own dog packs!”
– JR of Green Bandana Dogs

JR works roughly 30 hours / week and makes $1750 / week!
From corporate life to dog life!

My Dog Camp“If there was one thing I knew I loved in life it was dogs and so the My Dog Camp Course was a perfect fit for me; an over-enthusiastic, unorganized person, with little dog experience and helped me finally start a business where I could be really happy spending my days with dogs and living out my entrepreneurial dream. My Dog Camp is just the Course I needed to feel comfortable making that intimidating and scary change in my life. I am happier than I have ever been, and I get to spend every day with my best friend! (my husky, Buddy)”
– Chelsea of Buddy’s Buddies Dog Camp

Chelsea works roughly 24 hours / week and makes $1,300/week!
This year Chelsea will be going back to school while running her Dog Camp! Go Chelsea Go!

My Dog Camp 6 Week Online Course