Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you offer your My Dog Camp 6 Week Online Course?

We offer our course once a year.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes we do offer payment plans. In addition to the option of paying for the course up front, we also offer the option to pay in 5 monthly payments or 10 monthly payments.

Can you really start your own Dog Camp business all from the Online Course?

Yes, the My Dog Camp Online Course is filled with educational tutorials and resources that set you up to be successful. Rhonda has condensed 12+ years experience running her Business into an Online Course that will teach you how to intelligently start and manage a successful Dog Camp business. In addition to the Online Guide you will also receive personal support directly from Rhonda or her dedicated staff. No question is too big or too small that we won’t answer. We want you to be successful. We are dedicated to providing the community support and connections you need to reach your goals. You will get access to a private Facebook forum and join a tight knit community of Dog Camp startups across the country. We want all our Dog Camp startups to succeed and we are only an email, text or phone call away.

But I have no education, I’m not a certified Dog Trainer, is this really attainable?

Yes a million times over! If you have the persistence, patience and common sense, we can help you get to where you need to be. Like any other craft you have to be self motivated. You have to have the desire to learn and improve with practice, but once you make the leap into Dog Camp, you will find it the best investment of your time and money!

I’m thinking of becoming a dog trainer, would this be a good course to take to learn how to handle and socialize dogs?

Absolutely! Many online courses and schools don’t focus enough on dog socialization. Take a look at dog trainers in your area. Read their websites and check out the services they offer. Many trainers do not offer socialization as part of their programs and there’s a reason for it. Many dog training courses do not focus on dog socialization. Socializing dogs is one of the riskiest parts of dog training and can require a higher level of experience. At Camp we focus on socializing friendly dogs which gives the newer dog trainer a great place to learn how to safely socialize lots of different dogs while earning an income! Running a Dog Camp will enhance your knowledge and expertise in the field of socialization. Understanding pack training and socializing dogs will give any trainer the advantage in their dog training programs.  The My Dog Camp Course and Dog Camp offers new as well as less experienced dog trainers a way to get hands on experience working with clients and dogs while earning a reputation in the community, building a brand for themselves and earning a good salary to invest in their training.

I’m already a dog trainer but am looking for other ways to earn income, is this something I can do while running my dog training business?

Definitely! Rhonda often times will train client dogs and prepare them for Camp. Camp is another facet of supplemental income that you can offer your current clients like dog sitting or walking. Plus, it will allow you to earn extra income while exercising and working with dogs. Camp can bring this dream to life while earning an income and providing clients a service they can’t pass up. Previous trainers have used this program to help build their business to the point they were able to hire employees to walk their dogs.

I have a small car, do I need to upgrade to a van or SUV?

You can start with whatever vehicle you have and as your business and pack size increases, then you can think about upgrading to a larger car. Any car will do as long as it can reliably get you to the trails you walk on.

Is there a start up fee or money that I need to put into the business after purchasing the course?

One of the great things about the Dog Camp business is that it is a low startup cost, high profit business. The My Dog Camp Course is an investment in your future. Once you get started, additional costs may include dog related items such as leashes as well as typical business expenses such as insurance, gas, marketing.

How can I make this a full-time or part-time job?

The My Dog Camp Online Course will teach you how to build your own Dog Camp as your primary or part time occupation. The flexibility of Dog Camp makes it realistic if you want to make extra money working part time or if you are someone who wants to make this a full time job. On average, most camp owners can eventually manage around 6 dogs a day and will become busy enough to run camp 5 times a week. To figure a possible yearly income working 25-30 hours a week, use our projection schedule provided here: Dog Camp Income Calculator.

My Dog Camp 6 Week Online Course