What is Dog Camp?

What type of dog pack leader are you?

Dog Camp is an outdoor doggie daycare without boundaries, a dog walking service for friendly dogs. Each dog is picked up at their homes and transported with their buddies to off-leash friendly areas to hike, swim, play, socialize, sniff and learn. Dog Camp is similar to a half-day dog daycare since it runs for roughly 5 hours however, it’s so much more than just dog daycare. Dog Camp Providers teach their pack basic obedience skills in high distractions off-leash. Client’s dogs come home better trained than they left. Much smaller pack sizes than a traditional dog daycare means more comfortable and happy dogs. This makes Dog Camp great for adventurous dogs who love to run and play outside but also good for dogs who find traditional dog daycare setting to be too overwhelming.

About the Author & Teacher

Rhonda Bilodeau

Rhonda Bilodeau is a certified Dog Trainer and Dog Camp operator based in Milton, Vermont. Rhonda started Vermont Dog Pack 12 years ago believing that Dog Camp was a great alternative to a traditional dog daycare because it provided an intimate and emotionally supportive environment for dogs while helping dogs excel in their off-leash training. Her Dog Camps quickly filled up and each year Rhonda had a long waiting list of dogs dying to get in. Believing in the tremendous value Dog Camp provided dogs and their owners, Rhonda helped others in her area start their own Dog Camps. After the great success of the new Dog Camps, Rhonda decided to create a comprehensive online course to teach anyone how to start their own Dog Camp.

My Dog Camp

Benefits of Running Your Own Dog Camp!

• Be your own boss!
• Never go to another mindless meeting!
• Your co-workers are now all dogs!
Take pride in what you’re doing and make a real difference!
• Finish before 1pm to enjoy other activities
• Spend more time with your family and friends
• Flexibility! Make your own schedule
• Take as many vacation days as you want!
• Do whatever you want with your extra free time!
• Travel the world!
• Get healthier hiking outdoors
• Get paid to keep yourself emotionally, physically and mentally fit
Use that creativity building your own business because it gets squashed working for others
Never feel guilty leaving your dog home again!
• Is this not everyone’s goal that’s ever had a dog?
 Daily exercise and live in nature’s cycles
Low overhead start up business so anyone can start
• Cheaper than a college course!
• Don’t go broke like all your other friends
• Your friends will want to start one too after hanging out with your pack
Be fit all year long and enjoy the seasons. Every season has a perk!
• Be more in tune with yourself
• Enjoy the peace and quiet
Have more control of your destiny
• Be creative through marketing and photography
• Your personal and professional growth and expansion is unlimited!

My Dog Camp 6 Week Online Course