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The 6 Week Online Course to Hiking & Training Dogs as a Profitable Career!

Mon May 3rd, 2021 11pm EST (or until class is FULL)

Please note: we offer this course once a year and do not have dates yet for our next course after this one. If you are serious about enrolling, we recommend signing up for this course!

COURSE STARTS :  Weds May 5th, 2021
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What if you could create an exciting new career hiking & training dogs in just 6 weeks?

Tell me if this sounds like you;
• You want an exciting career with dogs, but you’re not sure what steps to take first.
• You have a dog walking business but want more control over your dogs and want to learn how to make it more profitable.
• You’re overwhelmed by all the dog training advice on the web.
• You’re lacking a sense of purpose in your career and want to help others in a meaningful way.
• You want to get fit and create financial freedom hiking dogs.
• You hate leaving your dogs home all day.
What if I told you there was a way to have that exciting career, control over your dogs, bring your dog to work and get the exact dog training advice you needed to grow your business into a highly successful and profitable career?
That’s why I created the My Dog Camp Online Course!
Our 6 week online course gives you the education, structure and confidence you need to start a healthy, active and financially independent life for yourself hiking and training dogs for a living!

Praise for the My Dog Camp System:

My Dog Camp

Today I am the happiest I have ever been in my career. GMCC has flourished into a bustling small business where I’m making $1400 a week! I get to spend every day with my best fur friend and a pack of other amazing dogs. I would never have taken the leap into starting my own dog camp if it weren’t for Rhonda, and I am forever grateful for her knowledge and support!”
– Sara of Green Mountain Canine Camp

• Imagine if you could create an exciting & profitable career hiking & training dogs.
• Imagine if you could get out by 1pm to spend more time with family and loved ones or working on other projects or hobbies.
• Imagine if you could find all the answers to your problems in one area with a professional that has been there and done it all.
• Imagine if you had more control over your pack and could make more money.
• Imagine if you could get healthier and in shape hiking and training dogs.
• Imagine if you could bring your dog to work with you every day; swimming, hiking and playing with other dogs.
• Imagine if you could add an asset to your dog training business during your least busy hours.
• Imagine if you could create financial freedom and flexibility in your career and take off as many days as you wanted to spend with friends & family or travel the world.
• Imagine spending every day with your dog and helping people through your passion and love for dogs!

About Rhonda:

My Dog Camp

“Hi, I’m Rhonda Bilodeau creator of My Dog Camp. I created this course because I believe running your own business is the most rewarding and empowering thing you can do for your soul and your journey here on earth. I also wanted to create a course to help others start their path to hiking and training dogs so they didn’t have to struggle like me or believe the myths I believed in that stunted my growth.  I’m a professional and certified dog trainer that has been training and working with dogs and their people for 12 years. Our photos have been used in the Monks of New Skete Workshops and Cesar Milan workshops as an example of what true dogmanship & pack leadership looks like.”
– Rhonda Bilodeau of My Dog Camp

What’s in the Course?

Week 1 – Dog Pack Psychology

How Dogs Learn
Types of Relaxation on the Trail
Marker Training
Exercises that Teach Relaxation

We set the understanding that most dogs misbehavior is rooted in stress and not a need to dominate us or other dogs. We focus on supporting the pack through a relaxation process instead of through punishment.

Focusing on a dog’s emotional state and how to support them (instead of how to control and dominate them) will drastically change how you see and view training dogs for the rest of your life.

Change the way you perceive training and you’ll make the process so much easier for you out at dog camp.

Week 2 – I  Speak Dog Pack

The foundation for reading body language and dog communication;
Different Emotional States
Different Types of Communication
Dog Body Language
Pack Walking
Understanding Breeds

After you understand why dog’s feel the way they do, you must then be able to read and interpret their body language to know what they’re saying. You’ll be able to implement the training so much easier and communicate with them in a way that supports them and excels your skills as a trainer that is valuable to your community.

Week 3 – Dog Camp Essentials

Learn the value of tools for training & health of your pack;
First Aid
Husbandry Basics
What Food Can Teach You About Dogs
How to Start Training with Food

Having the right tools and understanding of these tools are so crucial to building your pack safely and to create harmony in the pack from the very beginning.

Week 4 – Easy Evaluations

Learning which dogs to select for your dog pack is essential to growing your business safely

Evaluating + Selecting Dogs
Types of Play Styles
Training your Personal Dog

Before growing your pack you need to know which dogs to take so you can set yourself up for a lifetime of pack success! You also need to know how to train your dog and which dogs to put with your dog so you can grow safely and quick!

Week 5 – Construction of the Dog Pack

Learn how to start training the dogs from pick up to hiking on the trail
Building your Pack
Interviewing Clients
Dog Behavioral Training
Dog Obedience + Recall Training
Car Training
Trail Training

Now that you know how to read dogs, learn how to reliably get your dogs to respond off-leash in highly arousing situations. Learn how to teach them to relax outside and self regulate. This section focuses on behavior modification and obedience so you can create more reliable dogs faster. It’s everything you need to know to start training your dog packs and finding the right dogs!

Week 6 – Pack Socialization Success

Learn how to safely introduce 2 dogs + work your way up to introducing a new dog into the pack

Preparing a Dog for an Introduction
Evaluating a Dog Before an Introduction
The Introduction
Calming Signals
Rewarding Good Behavior
Creating Boundaries
Rules of Play

Most importantly, you’ll learn why we never let the dogs correct each other or ever let a dog be put in a position where they feel like they have to fend off another dog or correct another dog. Dog camp is all about creating a safe place for dogs to flourish. It’s your job to be each dog’s advocate. Have happier dogs by following our method.

Important Dates to Remember:

Every Wednesday at 7-9pm EST for 6 weeks we’ll be releasing each weeks learning modules and we will have our weekly Zoom call to go over questions and quiz answers. We’ll get to know each other and support each other along the way!

If you can’t make our weekly zoom call we record all of them and post them to our online course for your review anytime.

Weds. May 5th, 2021 – you will receive a separate email with your login info to the course – Week 1 module release and you can start learning Week 1 material! (no Zoom call this day). You will also be invited to join our private Facebook group of current and previous students who will help support you along the way!
Weds. May 12th – 7-9pm EST Zoom Call + Week 2 module release.
Weds. May 19th – 7-9pm EST Zoom Call + Week 3 module release.
Weds. May 26th – 7-9pm EST Zoom Call + Week 4 module release.
Weds. June 2nd – 7-9pm EST Zoom Call + Week 5 module release.
Weds. June 9th – 7-9pm EST Zoom Call + Week 6 module release.
Weds. June 16th – 7-9pm EST last Zoom Call!

Praise for the My Dog Camp System:

“I took the course nearly two years ago and have been working with dogs full-time ever since. 2 years into it and I’m working 25 hours a week and making $1750 a week . I hike dog packs 5 days per week. My clients love getting pictures of their happy dogs outside and having fun with all their buddies. Without My Dog Camp, this would not have been possible. Rhonda’s knowledge and her support have been invaluable!”
-JR of Green Bandana Dogs

Plus you’ll get all our bonuses;

• The My Dog Camp’s Business Builder ($800 value)
• Weekly hour long zoom calls during your class with Rhonda ($750 value)
• Access to the My Dog Camp private support group ($2000 value)
• Finding private land tutorials ($400 value)
• 3 in-depth dog training pdfs ($450 value)
• Puppy Training pdf ($200 value)
• Your dog’s personal training plan to get them dog camp ready ($300 value)
+ Plus all the learning modules and course material, support in our private Facebook group where you can ask as many questions as you’d like along your journey,  2 year access to our My Dog Camp Online Course material and bonuses representing a:

= $24,900 value!

Praise for the My Dog Camp System:

My Dog Camp

“My Dog Camp has given me financial stability and flexibility to take off as many days as I want. Each year I take a month off plus a few 2 week vacations a year. I don’t have any other friends with that type of flexibility in their schedule. My Dog Camp was a true blessing for this adventure seeking dog lover!”
– Rachel of Tranquil Dog Care and Camp

You get over 150 learning modules on how to start and market your business, how to build your dog packs, how to train your dogs and understanding dog communication and psychology. You get 6 bonuses and support in our private group. You get 4 additional dog training PDF’s and our proprietary “I Speak Dog Pack Communication System” that is unlike any other philosophy on dog pack training.

Praise for the My Dog Camp System:

My Dog Camp

“If there was one thing I knew I loved in life it was dogs and so the My Dog Camp Course was a perfect fit for me; an over-enthusiastic, unorganized person, with little dog experience and helped me finally start a business where I could be really happy spending my days with dogs and living out my entrepreneurial dream. My Dog Camp is just the Course I needed to feel comfortable making that intimidating and scary change in my life. I am happier than I have ever been, and I get to spend every day with my best friend! (my husky, Buddy)”
– Chelsea of Buddy’s Buddies Dog Camp

Can you really start your own Dog Camp business all from the Online Course?
Yes! We’ve proven time and time again average dog lovers with no experience can be successful with our proven system!

I have a small car, do I need to upgrade to a van or SUV?
You do not! Once you grow your pack and make more money that’s when we suggest purchasing a larger vehicle.

Is there a start up fee or money that I need to put into the business after purchasing the course?
The only start up fees are a car and insurance if you don’t already have a car, some leashes and treats and insurance and marketing monetary investment. Other than that this is a low overhead business!

Can I make this a full-time or part-time job?
Yes, this works nicely as a part time job! Work as little or as much as you’d like!

How long until results?
Results vary depending on how populated your area is. Most people make My Dog Camp a full time career within the first year!

Is this a right fit for me?
If you love dogs than this is the perfect fit for you!

I already have a dog walking business. Do I need the whole course?
Because this course is a weekly format with lots of details along the way you may find you missed something or can improve your business in other ways. We believe our dog training is unlike anything else out there and that we have included so much advanced dog training in our course that we are certain you will find this course invaluable!

What about my health care insurance?
Creating a healthier lifestyle by walking dogs and in an environment that’s stress free is a great exchange for your health care insurance. Many dog camp providers are making more money. They’re making a considerable amount more that they can easily pay for the increase in health insurance. Many others will go onto their partners health insurance policy.

Will I be able to support my family?
Not only will you be able to support your family you will be able to have more time to enjoy with them by getting done by 1pm every day.

How fast will I be able to transition from my current job to hiking dogs for a living?
This depends. Many people will go from full time at their current job to part time, walking dogs on their off days. They usually make the transition in 3-6 months . This is a great way to change careers because it means you have consistent money coming in!

Can my dog still come to dog camp if he’s aggressive?
This depends on the severity of your dog. Not all dogs are suitable for dog camp but you can create your pack around your dog’s needs. We go over how to evaluate and train your dog to become dog camp ready! I have helped many of my clients that have come in for dog to dog aggression become dog camp owners. Their dogs are living happy lives playing outdoors with dogs after a lot of training.

How often to you offer the My Dog Camp 6 week online course?
We offer the course once a year.

What is our refund policy?
After you enroll in our online course, we have a no refund policy.

Imagine where you could be 1 year from now after completing the dog camp course!
We want to get you living your dream career hiking and training dogs
and our 6 Week Online Course is your ticket to get there!
Enrollment closes May 3rd, 2021 11pm EST! (or until class is full)

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✔️ My Dog Camp 6 Week Online Course
✔️ My Dog Camp Facebook Support Group

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✔️ My Dog Camp 6 Week Online Course
✔️ My Dog Camp Facebook Support Group

10 monthly payments of

✔️ My Dog Camp 6 Week Online Course
✔️ My Dog Camp Facebook Support Group
➕ Happy Rescue Dogs Online Course
➕ Happy Rescue Dogs Discussion Group (3 free months)

5 monthly payments of

✔️ My Dog Camp 6 Week Online Course
✔️ My Dog Camp Facebook Support Group
➕ Happy Rescue Dogs Online Course
➕ Happy Rescue Dogs Discussion Group (3 free months)

One-time payment of

✔️ My Dog Camp 6 Week Online Course
✔️ My Dog Camp Facebook Support Group
➕ Happy Rescue Dogs Online Course
➕ Happy Rescue Dogs Discussion Group (3 free months)

About the Happy Rescue Dogs Online Course
The Happy Rescue Dogs Online Course has been designed specifically with rescue dogs in mind. A self paced step-by-step program to guide you through resolving a rescue dog’s stress that is the root cause of their behavioral issues. We do this without creating conflict and building trusting relationships and reliable behavior you can count on.

The course trains and teaches dogs to be well behaved in natural behavior, eliminating the need to micro manage them in their environment.

We strongly believe all rescue dogs should take this course as a prerequisite to any obedience training. Every rescue dog needs to develop important life skills like resiliency, how to relax, feel safe and think optimistically. Only these skills can truly overcome aggression, anxiety, fearfulness or hyperactivity and build a confident and happy rescue dog.

About the Happy Rescue Dogs Discussion Group
The Discussion Group is designed for those who want more support and a deeper exploration of the course content and their dog’s issues.
• Access to the Discussion Group where you can ask Rhonda questions and participate in discussions.
• Discussion topics for course material and specific behavioral issues.
• Access to live Zoom Q&A’s with Rhonda every other week.

"I can't wait to meet you in class to help you start your exciting new career!"
– Rhonda Bilodeau
Creator of My Dog Camp
My Dog Camp 6 Week Online Course